2 years ago

Why you have to protect your kids in this day and age.

  WIth the rampant and often times uncontrolled media, we have to make sure that our children are being taught the right lessons.  Our children are being fed a routine where they can be disobident and lie and hateful towards to their parents.  Who is there to help them be able to change the direction of the way their young minds are developing?  Children books are certainly there and will indefinitely help your children learn the right things in tlife.  You have to make a conscious decision to be able to help them grow.  Children books will help you there.  Books that will help grow a child's mind!

Look here here and here.

Those links will put you on the right track like they did for me and my kids when I wanted to help raise their IQ levels.

Now my kids thank me and cant wait to go to Harvard University. 

2 years ago

Children books and the positive impact it will have.

  So, reading at an early age hasbeen assoiciated with a lot of positive impact on kids.  Better comprehension, and better morals and values depending on what they read.  We can't forget to mention a proud parent who knoes they did their job well, or no embarassment for your child when they have to read in front of the class, wont be any "Studdering Steve's" in this household.  This all can be reaped by allowing your child to read early, and to read lots.  But it can be hard in our world, where our children just want to play Xbox instead of read great books.  Have you ever wished for a great resource to be able to see what books would be the best for kdis to read?

Well, Time.com actually did it, all the work for you.  They compiled a list of the 100 best children books ever here:


And when your ready to make a purchase on those great books, just go to this website I found.  Its astronomical.